Welcome to Clay Club Blog

Many years ago I had a blog. It was called Just Herding Cats and was like a private diary of my families life. The trouble I found was that I spent so much time writing about my family and our life I sort of forgot to live it, so I stopped writing, forgot the password, changed email addresses 100 times and Just Herding Cats is now just out there somewhere floating about. It was set to private too so you might find it but you wont be able to read it..... Anyway what was all that leading up to? I am now braving a new blog - documenting bits and pieces I find interesting and hopefully sharing some of the happy times that happen at my workshops and with my ceramics.

You are welcome to comment, I especially hope to hear from people who have been to a class and are now sipping tea or eating crisps from one of their creations...... 

Welcome to my new home and I hope you will join me and my dogs and radio four in the studio soon.

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