osaka minami lounge hostess,companion job offer

osaka minami lounge fool’s charming job offer

2-5-10, Higashi-Shinsaibashi, Chuo-ku, Osaka-shi haciman galaxy building 5F
from 20 years old to about 35 years old.
Hourly pay 1,800 yen-2,000 yen + percentage pay day of duty
20:00-following 2:00
on Saturday (Japanese congratulation fixed holiday) from Monday.

The lounge of new new opening will be opening staff large collection early in October!!
He is the part-time job of a recommendation in the direction of liking to study abroad [ the direction, the direction to speak, and in the future ] which will be interested in English.
Isn’t talk heard in detail by an inquiry and interview by all means, as for what kind of store or an interested direction?
Both of week 1? and regular hope are big welcomes!!
Since it is new opening, it is large-inviting anyhow in any directions!
Since it is the first to like to arrange the number first, I am waiting for a positive, application right or wrong by all means!!
The place in which a mama is not present is just going to differ from other stores for a while.
Since there is no fearful lady, please feel easy!
Since it does not care about the hierarchical order as opening staff but can work, doesn’t it work in mental revolution Hsindian?

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